City, Rural, and Wild Landscape Images

The Consortium on One Medicine One Science (COMOS) is a global community of institutions, citizens, scholars and policy-makers fostering interdisciplinary collaborations across science, practice and policy to optimize the health of humans, animals and their ecosystems.

We are addressing the health challenges of urban, rural and wild landscapes. We’re working locally, regionally and globally - to build the awareness, capability and capacity needed to respond to health challenges. We do this by:

  • organizing outcome-driven meetings and conferences,
  • connecting people to facilitate globally-supported, locally effective solutions,
  • providing and supporting training that offers science-based tools to create real and lasting change,
  • advancing the science behind One Health.


COMOS Focus Areas

Improving global health is an overwhelming task. As a result, the COMOS is prioritizing efforts around key themes: 

  • global science, education and health diplomacy
  • social and economic determinants of health
  • environmental health and infectious diseases
  • food, agriculture and health
  • ecosystem health.